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My basic goal is to learn more about happiness or like depression. Depression seems like a good topic to learn about because its a mental illness and it would be cool to learn how it happens.

My second priorities are….i don’t really have another priority i want to learn about.

By May of 2011, I’d like to have read a few books on that topic and learned something about it.

A more immediate goal for me is that i want to have reasonably clear abd supportable opinions about the following questions:

1.)What triggers depression?

2.)How can you tell if a person is depressed?

3.)Can depression ever go away?

4.)What is the difference between manic depression and plain depression?

5.)What are the different stages of depression?

6.)Can it be treated in a more natural way other than medication?

7.)What are the signs of depression?

8.)Is depression more common in adults or children?

9.)How does depression make a person feel about themselves?

10.)Can a person overcome it by themselves like if they never told anybody?

The 10 books listed in order from most promising to least that i found on and that will help me both with my learning goals and in answering the questions above are:

1.) The Noonday Demon:An Atlas of Depression

a.Andrew Solomon

b. April 2002


d.The Noonday Demon is pretty much a book on the mental illness depression and talks about the struggles of it.

e.Favorable Reviews:

1.Publishers Weekly

2.The library journal

3.New England journal of medicine

2.)Stumbling On Happiness

a.Dan Gilbert

b.March 20, 2007


d.This book is talking about how sometimes the human perception on happiness is wrong. It talks about how what we think will make us happy actually wont.

e.Favorable Reviews:

1.Publisher weekly


3.)The How Of Happiness

a.Sonja Lyubomirsky

b.December 27,2007


d.Her book is just explaining the ways of how to be happy and other ways that don’t work.

e. Favorable Reviews:

1.U.S. News and World Report

2.New York Review


Has it ever felt like bad stuff comes at you from all sides and doesn’t stop? Well everybody has hard times in life. All a person really has to is look at the brightside of things. It always helps to think of something good. The truth is people are to focused on the bad stuff going on they never “stop to smell the roses.” They never notice all the good stuff going on around them. I’ve done that before. Honestly it doesn’t help you to be a downer. Sometimes you can end up losing someine really close to you. I love the feeling of being happy. If your felling down talk to the one person who makes you instantly happy. I have one person, i love talking to that person makes me soo happy fast. As an example, I really liked a guy and so me being a downer pretty much made me lose him. I think it opened my eyes a little bit on how your attitude affects the people around you too. I dont think a person really wants to be with someone who can’t “stop and smell the roses.”  You realize after losing that person you need to change, but by then they’re gone and your to late. It really isn’t a good feeling losing them. Don’t let losing the person you care about be your wake up call. I think being a downer makes you self absorbed. You want people to focus on you and your problems. Truth is those people could have the same problems or maybe even worse. They don’t wanna hear about your problems, they’re to wrapped up in their selves that they don’t really care. It’s almost like everyone lives in their own conceited world. Being happy around other people that aren’t happy could make their day. Maybe if you talked to someone who looked lonely and made them happy could help you both. You can feel like you accomplished something by making them laugh. Just smiling and being cheery is great! Don’t keep walking around in your own world “stop and smell the roses” on the way.

Self knowledge

I think what’s wrong is we try to live up to everyone else’s standards. We are always so focused on what the guy or girl we like thinks about us or how we need to be a great student and dress the way everyones else does. We spend so much time caring what others think of us that we don’t have the time to be ourselves. It’s hard to be yourself when everyone is always judging you. Even parents judge you on looks and how good you are at school. It’s like you have to get perfect grades and dress a certain way to be okay. I don’t think it’s fair that everyone is always telling you this is the way you should be when they have no idea what to do themselves either. I know that the way i look compared to some of the other girls at the school is different. My favorite colors are black and purple that doesn’t make me emo. Also i’ve seen the way a teacher will look at you when you walk into their classroom and assume the way you dress means you have an attitude. So if a “prep” and “scene” girl walk into a classroom people would assume the prep get’s better grades and has a better attitude. So in conclusion i guess i’ll im trying to say is that i think it would be more fair if people got to know you first.

So i believe courage is being selfless. For example it would mean saving your family or someone else rather than saving yourself. Your putting importance on someone elses life. Courage is also doing something that might scare you but doing it anyways. Like how we were talking in class about the 9/11 event and if that took courage to do. I think it was courageous in their way because they knew they were gunna die and kill other innocent people. I do believe it was still stupid but it took courage to do. Or when the guy was jumping off that cliff that took courage to just jump right off the top of the mountain. Because he could’ve that maybe suit thing that wasn’t going to work but he did it anyways. That’s pretty what i think courage is.